We are happy to post this blog for motivating and encouraging our students named – S.Priyanka, R.Nivetha, A.Nambi Devi and S.Sarasawathy from 3rd year Civil Department, Francis Xavier Engineering College, for creating the marvelous “Palvaal Thevan Fort 2k18”. They won first prize in engineers day exhibition.

They set a big motivation for other civil department students and make us very proud to teach them.

They are effort and sincerity makes the project stand very strong and mind blowing. This project make our company very proud and we expect to teach more students like them.

They created the “Palavaal Thevan fort 2k18” using this following materials :
 Size of fort : 4’6″x7’x3’6″.
 Using material : Foam sheet.
 Pillars : 180 (nos) made by straws.
 Hand rail : 1200 (nos) made by tooth pick.
 Duration : 28 days.
 Using silver and black spray for metallic appearance.

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